I'm a freelance Data Scientist based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

My hard-skills are:

Programming in R:                                

- Data Science with the tidyverse and RStudio.

- Hypothesis testing using simulations (bootstrap and permutation).
- Forecasting.

- A/B testing using simulations (bootstrap).

- Joining data from SQL, Excel, CSV.

- Linear-, Multiple-, and Logistic-Regression.



- Spark with R for large-scale analysis and modeling.
- Machine Learning models deployed in Tableau.


- Desktop (visualizations, functions, LOD’s, joins, and Rserve/R).
- Prep Builder (connect, clean, and output).
- Server (data-driven alerts, data governance, and extract schedules).

Feel free to contact me with any questions.



Franco Arda, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)                                                                                                                 franco.arda@hotmail.com