• Franco Arda

How to connect to multiple data sources without joining or blending?

I didn't know that this works: we can connect to multiple data sources without joining or blending (source: Tableau). This technique can have some interesting use cases such as displaying multiple KPIs from multiple data sources.

To achieve this, we click on adding a data source:

For this test, I used Google BigQuery's sample public datasets. If you haven't checked it out, I recommend doing so. Google's free database examples allow us to test quickly data combinations.

Of course, connecting to multiple data sources without blending or joining works also with extracts. As a Data Scientist, I had to test it myself because I love to test anything possible empirically.

It works with extracts:

I've not seen too many use cases for this data strategy, but if it applies, this can be a fantastic tool in your arsenal. Franco

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