• Franco Arda

How to do Email Analytics in Tableau?

With a technique called NER (Named Entity Recognition), we can empower Tableau users to analyze emails for potential patterns fast. This simplified example shows that many customers mention "Battery":

Unlike searching for keywords, NER finds for us potentially important keywords. This is crucial. If we search for keywords such as "happy" or "unhappy" (very simplified, I know) we might never discover, that many customers have a problem with "battery." Similarly, with NER, we might discover problems or opportunities we could never have come up with.

To do Email analytics in Tableau, we need an additional library called Spacy.io:

Spacy.io is a NLP (Natural Language Processing) library based in Berlin, Germany. In Jupyter Notebook, I prepared the English library and added a sample sentence:

If you're eager to learn more, I highly recommend Jose Portilla's Udemy course: Natural Language Processing.



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