• Franco Arda

How to Switch Worksheets with a Parameter in Tableau?

Switching worksheets directly in your Tableau dashboard can be extremely useful. It can help you save dashboard real-estate and allow for interactivity.

The basic idea is to have a Parameter in your dashboard which allows you to switch like here:

First, create a Parameter. In my case, I call it "Select Visualization" and use the data type string. The values are the names of the workbooks: KPI, crosstab, and map. Lastly, I show the Parameter in each of the three workbooks.

Now I create a Calculated Field (function) which takes the argument of the parameter. That's it. I use the function as a Filter on each workbook.

It's super important that each Filter corresponds to the current workbook. E.g. the Filter for the workbook KPI must be set to KPI - the same goes for the Parameter setting.

When we create the Dashboard, it's important that we use a Container (horizontal or vertical). It's not important which one we use though.

Add each workbook to the container and hide the title.

If the workbooks don't show properly, select Entire View in the first workbook.

Voila! Now you should have a Parameter switch.



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