• Franco Arda

Marginal Histogram

Updated: Jul 7

Today, I got my printed version of Ryan Sleepers

new book "Innovative Tableau" today.

Luckily, Amazon.de (Germany) delivers even newly published US books pretty quickly.

While I didn't like his first book too much, this one rocks. It's an "expensive" book (EUR 62 in Europe), but I'm happy to pay for quality, especially as it's in full-color.

I believe the book rocks because it covers way more technical subjects. Examples. Chapter 78: How to automatically highlight the latest trend.

Chapter 50: How to duplicate joined rows.

Chapter 35: How to make marginal histograms. In fact, I liked it so much that I had to try on the EU superstore dataset. See below:

Visually, I love the marginal histogram. Analytically, it would not be ready to present it to a customer. Why? The histogram is deceiving. It shows that customer loyalty leads to higher profits. Unfortunately, the linear regression line (or in Tableau lingo trend line) does not confirm it. In other words, to answer the question of whether customer loyalty leads to more profits needs further investigation.

The marginal histogram requires a single-line LOD (Level of Detail) which shows to me, that the book is tarted to power(ish) Tableau users.

If you are looking to improve your Tableau skills, I highly recommend this book. Franco


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